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Meet Trinity, the amazing miracle child with a heart full of magic!  “Trinity’s Earthly Arrival From Heaven” is an adventure of surprises, laughter, and the coolest bedtime story. Every page is a treasure chest of excitement, celebrating love, miracles, and the power of believing in the extraordinary.

Join Trinity on her extraordinary journey – a tale of resilience, hope, and the magic of believing in miracles. Perfect for ages 0-6, this enchanting children’s book is a celebration of life’s unexpected wonders!

Remember, there’s magic in believing, and the greatest miracles often unfold when we least expect them.

- Barnes & Noble Reader

"Trinity's Earthly Arrival From Heaven," penned by Michelle D. Dartis, is a touching children's book that transcends generations. This heartwarming tale unfolds against the backdrop of a challenging journey into adulthood faced by Kelli, the author's daughter. From the heart-wrenching revelation of a reproductive issue to the pain of multiple miscarriages, Kelli's path to motherhood is a testament to resilience.

As the author grapples with the possibility of never experiencing the joy of grandparenthood, the narrative takes an unexpected turn. Set against the backdrop of a persistent headache and a visit to St. Vincent Emergency Room, the revelation of pregnancy comes as a shock-a miracle amid high-risk circumstances.

Trinity, affectionately dubbed the "Miracle Baby," becomes a beacon of hope and resilience. Michelle D. Dartis beautifully weaves a tale that celebrates the unexpected, proving that sometimes, against all odds, life unfolds in the most miraculous ways. "Trinity's Earthly Arrival From Heaven" is a poignant reminder that the final word on life's miracles rests in the hands of a power greater than ourselves."