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Where Did Leave A Mark Press Come From?

The idea of Leave A Mark Press was born from a discussion I had with another author many years ago. She and I talked about the lack of disconnect among writers in our city (Indianapolis) and how we could potentially bring everyone together by starting our own  company, one that would be based in Indianapolis. We brainstormed a few different company names and our vision for the publishing company, but LIFE happened, and we lost contact.

While LIFE was happening, the publishing company idea was still stirring within me and eventually I came up with Leave A Mark Press (a LAMP unto my feet)  came to me one day and I knew it was the perfect fit for what I wanted to accomplish with my writing. Speaking of LIFE happening, “This Ain’t That: An Erotic Novel” had been in development for more than 25 years. I picked it up and put it down multiple times while I juggled single parenthood, working full-time, college, and, sometimes, writer’s block and the fear of the unknown.

Writing has been my passion since childhood and LAMP is the opportunity to leave a positive mark on the world, a way for me to give something back, and the means to publish my own work.