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Michelle fell in love with Prince Rogers Nelson when she was around 11 years old…everything about him, from his music to his philanthropy and his overarching impact has pushed her to pursue her passion for writing. She considers herself to be the #1PrinceFan4Life 😊

Fun fact about Michelle: Her parents came into their marriage with children, then had 4 together and ended up with a total of 9…of those 9 kids, Michelle is the only Southpaw, which makes her the most unique among her siblings. During one of her college projects, Michelle discovered that lefties have a holiday, International Lefthander’s Day is August 13th!

Michelle D. Dartis

Passionate about writing? Check! Enjoys her untethered approach to the craft? Check!

Michelle has been writing since childhood where she diligently chronicled her daily shenanigans in her diary well into adulthood—and she still has ALL OF THEM!  She is the mother of one adult daughter, Kelli, and proud & doting MiMi to her granddaughter Trinity, resides in her hometown of Indianapolis, IN and is a Ph. D. candidate in human and social services with plans to graduate in the spring of 2024.

In her spare time, Michelle delights in relaxing at home and spending ample time with Trinity. Like her parents, she is a news junkie and believes in knowing what’s going on in the world, even though it can be gloomy at times. Michelle enjoys watching her favorite shows such as The View, Symone, Weekends with Johnathon CapehartABC News with David Muir, The ReidOUT with Joy ReidThe Godfather of Harlem, The Karen Hunter Show, Critter Fixers, The Incredible Dr. Pol, and SEAL Team. She also enjoys reading, writing, discovering new adventures, dancing, swimming, working out (at least sometimes), attending cultural and musical events, and traveling.

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